About Art in Bloom

Eugene Delacroix, French, 1798-1863, Still Life with Dahilias, Zinnias, Hollyhocks, and Plums (detail), c. 1835, oil on canvas, Gift of funds from the Friends of the Institute in celebration of their 100th anniversary, with generous support from Nivin MacMillan, Mary Agnes and Al McQuinn, Sheila C. Morgan, Mary and Douglas Olson, Carol Burton Gray, Nikki and Ron Lewis, Lucy Crosby Mitchell, Linda and Phil Boelter, Pamela and Mark Friedland, Katie and Steve Remole, Elizabeth Short and Kirk Cozine, Samuel and Patricia McCullough, Lucille Amis, Carolyn and Tucker Dahl, Maria Eggemeyer, Martha Head, Heidi Ault and Gretchen Holland, Ed and Teresa Luterbach, Jane and Thomas Nelson, Suzanne C. and William B. Payne, Constance Sommers, Marilyn Sundberg, Marietta and Jot Turner, and gifts made in memory of Teresa Pfister, 2017.52

Art in Bloom is the Friend’s most important fundraiser of the year. For four days, the floral arrangements of over 150 designers are displayed next to the artworks that inspired them.

Art in Bloom raises funds to support Mia, including bus transportation for school children, special exhibitions, art acquisition, education, and programs throughout the community.

This event is made possible by Friend’s members, volunteers, and the generous support of sponsors.

Art in Bloom 2022 will be held in person April 28-May 1 2022. For more information visit www.artsmia.org/ArtInBloom 

This Year’s Art in Bloom Committee

Art in Bloom Co-chairs

Kris Bjorklund and Sheila Folkestad

Host Committee

We celebrate the dedication, talent, and legacy of these longtime, intergenerational Friends and Art in Bloom supporters and are grateful for their additional generosity to Art in Bloom in this Centennial year of the Friends.

  • Linda Boelter and Carrie Kilberg
  • Phyllis Colwell and Carolyn Colwell Dahl
  • Margene Fox and Allison Greene
  • Linda Goldenberg and Rachel Hanson
  • Gretchen Holland and Heidi Ault
  • Holly McDougall and Kristen McDougall
  • Mary Agnes McQuinn and Susan Arndt
  • Connie Sommers and Whitney Sommers
  • Marilyn Sundberg and Molly Van Metre
  • Elizabeth Whitbeck* and Betsey Whibeck
  • *In Memoriam

Art in Bloom Committee

Heidi Ault, Therese Blaine, Barb Champ, Stacey Cunningham, Mary Ellen Elliott, Loreen Fripp, Gummy Grande, Beverly Hauschild-Baron, Jan Heasley, Holly Hernandez, Lori Lysholm, Kathryn Macht, Katherine Wallace, Nancy McRae, Barb Mikelson, Jana Mjor, Diane Morrison, Katie Remote, Chris Salmen, Katie Searl, Rebecca Weber, Stephanie Wright, Joyce Yoshimura-Rank


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