People’s Choice Winners 2019

Congratulations to the recipients of our People’s Choice Awards! The awards give our Art in Bloom visitors an opportunity to vote on their favorite displays.

Special thanks to photographer Corey Strand for taking pictures of all of the arrangements.

Best Interpretation of an Artwork

Tricia Johnson, Cottage on Fire, c. 1786-1787 by Joseph Wright of Derby

Honorable Mention:  Alissa Nudi, Veiled Lady, c. 1860 by Raffaelo Monti

Most Creative

Karla Newman, The Prodigal Son, c. 1720–30 by Pier Leone Ghezzi

Honorable Mention: Richard Raiche, Bronco Buster, 19th century, by Frederic Remington


Personal Favorite

Myra Rusten, Blessing of the Tuna Fleet at Groix, 1923, by Paul Signac

Honorable Mention: Janeen Rae, Olive Trees, 1889 by Vincent Van Gogh 

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