Art in Bloom 2021

Art in Bloom 2021

A note from chairperson Barb Champ

Barb Champ, Art in Bloom 2021 Chairperson

What is the goal of Art in Bloom in the midst of a pandemic?  As always, the objective remains to support the mission of Mia, and the Friends: 

” The Friends of the Institute is an organization of members dedicated to supporting, enhancing, and sustaining the collection, programs, and influence of the Minneapolis Institute of Art.” 

But how do we best accomplish this in a year of uncertainty—a year when we are unable to gather in-person to experience the scents and signs of spring? 

While all the details of Art in Bloom 2021 are not finalized we are eager to share a few of our plans.

As usual, you can expect to see beautiful Professional and Commercial Floral artist’s interpretations of selected Mia artwork, this year on the Mia website. 

New this year will be Commercial Floral Artist arrangements outside their places of business, virtual workshops, and testimonials (like the Impact Stories Mia is sharing online). These testimonials will come from Friends members, Mia staff, and the public to share what they love about Art in Bloom.  We expect to see 50,000 hits on our Art in Bloom landing page over the four-day virtual event.  

As we offer this gift to our community we plan to secure sponsorships, private donations, and general financial contributions.  Now more than ever Mia needs our support to sustain and maintain the beautiful collections, operate the building and support essential job functions within the museum.  This is a time that calls for philanthropic giving which is vital to the health and well-being of both the Friends and Mia. 

We look forward to providing you with the tools needed to make a contribution in the weeks ahead.   Digital Art in Bloom will be a brand new experience that remains true to the spirit of the past.  We hope you will join us for the adventure!


Barb Champ
Art in Bloom Chairperson, 2021

Note: Art in Bloom (virtual edition) will be held, April 28 through May 2, 2021.