December 2019

A Letter from the Friend’s President

Maria Eggemeyer, Friends President

Dear Friends –

In times of trouble, artists respond and artists reflect. Two exhibits at Mia, Artists Respond: American Art and the Vietnam War, 1965-1975 and Artists Reflect: Contemporary Views on the American War give visitors a poignant picture of the turmoil and anger during these years. The exhibits move on January 5, so don’t miss the opportunity to remember, or learn about the war years if you were either too young or yet to be born.

I lived through the Vietnam war years, and as a Chicago resident, clearly remember the upheaval at the 1968 Democratic National convention. I also recall Chicago Daily News columnist Mike Royko’s biting article entitled the “B-52: That Bird of Peace”.

He was referring to the December 24, 1972 bombing campaign in which the biggest- ever bombing campaign by US B-52 aircraft dropped explosives on North Vietnam. 

Looking at Mia’s collection, we can see more examples of how artists have viscerally reacted to other wars. Goya was one of the first to portray horror, and not heroism in his 1810-1820 prints of the Disasters of War. He responded to the inhumanity of the bloody uprisings that followed Napoleon Bonaparte’s occupation of Spain in 1807. It is said that Goya’s shocking images influenced Ernest Hemingway’s violent portrayal of the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War in For Whom the Bell Tolls.

In Pablo Picasso’s famous painting Guernica, he gives us a harrowing account of the bombing and killing of civilians in a Basque town at the onset of the Spanish Civil War. At Mia, Joan Miró’s reaction to the war is captured in his painting Head of a Woman

Also at Mia, Henry Moore’s Warrior with a Shield depicts the heroic defense of his homeland during World War II. The artist wanted to show the strength and resilience of this severely wounded soldier, struggling to protect himself with a shield in his remaining hand. Moved by this powerful figure, a recent Art in Bloom floral artist chose to interpret it in flowers. 

Cy Thao, United States, 1972 #43, 1993–2001, Oil on canvas Gift of funds from anonymous donors, 2010.55.43, © Cy Thao

In spite of the devastation and displacement that wars bring, human resilience  prevails. Take for example, #43 by Hmong artist Cy Thao– part of a series illustrating Hmong migration in the wake of the Vietnam War. A heart-warming scene of celebration, it shows Hmong immigrants enjoying time off work for the U.S New Year.  

May your holidays abound with peace and warmth! 

Your friend,



Maria Eggemeyer
Friends President


December Lecture features Alec Soth

December 12, 2019 11:00 am


Pillsbury Auditorium

Ticket Price: Free

December lecture tickets for Mia favorite Alec Soth are still available but going quickly!


A favorite with Mia visitors and staff, Minnesota photographer Alec Soth will be our special guest for the Friends Lecture on Thursday, December 12. Soth is one of the most internationally-recognized photographers working today. For Soth, photography is a liberating, invigorating, and uncensored activity, but “…a photograph is not something to keep a memory,” he clarifies. “It’s something to just speak with. It’s language.” He compares his photography to poetry rather than journalism, encouraging multiple interpretations. With tenderness and empathy, his art portrays a variety subjects— a man named Charles holding model airplanes in Vasa, Minnesota, a Paris fashion shoot, and compelling landscapes, scenes, and portraits that reveal people’s livelihoods, pastimes, hopes, concerns, and fading dreams.

Reserve your ticket today by following the link below or by calling 612.870.6323.

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Luncheon Reservations to Close on December 5!

December 12, 2019 12:30 pm


Reception Hall

Ticket Price: $30

Looking forward to the holidays and searching for an opportunity to join your Friends at Mia? Come to lunch!

Reserve your spot for the Friends Luncheon!  Following the December 12 lecture by Alec Soth, “The Space Between Us,” join the Friends for a Holiday luncheon in the Reception Hall, Target Wing. Save your spot soon for this popular  gathering, that for many of us has become a welcome annual holiday tradition.

The menu includes winter-hearty, Beef Stroganoff on Egg Noodles with Truffle Sour Cream, a Side Salad, and warm Dinner Rolls, followed by a dessert of Holiday Chocolate Mousse. A vegetarian option is available; please request when making your reservation.

The cost is $30 including tax and gratuities. All reservations MUST be received by Thursday, December 5 by 4PM.  Tickets are available now. Click the link below or call 612.870.6323 to reserve your spot.

This event is a Friends Only Event. Join the Friends today and attend the event!

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January lecture features Artist Tiffany Chung

January 9, 2020 11:00 am


Pillsbury Auditorium

Ticket Price: Free

Tiffany Chung will speak on  “Remapping Histories: Wars, Embattled Sites, and Forced Migration” at the January Friends Lecture.

Artist Tiffany Chung will speak at the Friends Lecture on Thursday, January 9 at 11AM in the Pillsbury Auditorium.

Chung combines cartography with meticulous academic research and ethnographic fieldwork in creating her visually arresting map-based drawings and embroidered works. In them, she depicts the impacts of migration, conflict, and shifting borders in the wake of political upheavals and natural disasters. Over time, her focus has expanded from the South Vietnamese exodus following the civil war in her native country, to the flight of Syrians and Guatemalans in response to war and violence in their home countries. She seeks to infuse her work with stories that have been excluded from official historical accounts. Ms. Chung says of her work:  “Employing beauty and aesthetics to discuss very difficult subject matters has always been my strategy.”  She uses the universal language of art to draw people in first, only for them to be confronted with political issues or situations that they might not have been so willing to engage otherwise.

The artist’s large-scale work, “Reconstructing an Exodus History: flight routes from camps and of ODP cases,” is featured in Mia’s exhibit, Artists Reflect: Contemporary Views on the American War. The twelve-foot-long world map, with escape routes meticulously embroidered in scarlet thread on a navy-blue background, shows the paths of forced migration of Vietnamese people from refugee camps in Asia to worldwide locations 35 years ago. 

An internationally active artist, Chung has participated in more than 100 exhibitions and biennials on five continents. “Tiffany Chung: Vietnam, Past is Prologue,” her first major solo museum exhibition in the United States, ran March 15–September 2, 2019, at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in conjunction with “Artists Respond: American Art and the Vietnam War, 1965-1975.”

Learn more about Chung here:

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Sign Up Now! January Friends Only Tour

January 22, 2020 11:00 am


Mia Galleries

Ticket Price: Free

Space is limited for a Friends Only Tour on January 22, 2020!

Margaret Jordan Patterson American (born Java), 1867–1950 Heartsease, c. 1920s Color woodcut 2017.71.1

Marla Kinney, a Fellow in Mia’s Prints and Drawings department, will lead a highly engaging tour of Color Woodcuts in the Arts and Crafts Era on Wednesday, January 22 at 11AM. A Fellow in Prints and Drawings since 2000, Marla has curated 17 exhibitions, and contributed significantly to Mia’s print catalogs. 

Space is limited to 15 Friends, so sign up soon by calling 612-870-3045 or emailing

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Just In Time For The Holiday Giving Season…

Buy a bus for a friend or loved one!

Photo by David Simpson

This past year the Friends Transportation Fund program gifted 70  bus grants to underserved area schools, giving 8,000 students the opportunity to tour Mia’s outstanding collection. Could there be a better example of inspiring a sense of wonder?

Honor, celebrate, or remember a friend by buying a bus and bringing 45 children to Mia who might not otherwise be able to visit.  Buy a bus for $200, or a wheel on the bus for $50. You’ll receive a miniature yellow school bus to present to your recipient!

Contact the Friends Office (612.870.3045 or for more information.

Bell Event a Ringing Success!

Courtesy of the Bell Museum and University of Minnesota.

On November 7, 2019, more than 90 guests enjoyed an evening of information and conviviality at a fundraiser celebrating  Mia’s relationship with the Bell Museum of Natural History.

Docent-led tours were a hit, as were the three speakers: Ford Bell who spoke of his philanthropist grandfather, James Ford Bell, and architect David Dimond of Perkins + Will and Bell.  Bell Executive Director Denise Young entertained and educated Mia Friends about the museum’s history, collection, planetarium partnership and the complex, exciting story of the move from the old to spectacular new building.  

The Friends are grateful for the support of our guests and the evening’s sponsors: 

Melanie Nelson, Chas and Jeanne Scheiderer, Carol Poulson and Nick Hay, Katie and Steve Remole, Connie Sommers and Vantage Point Wealth Management.  Thanks go as well to the Fundraising Events Committee chaired by Beverly Hauschild-Baron and Mary Aamoth.  

Floral Legacy is the Signature Artwork for Art in Bloom 2020

A newly created work of art is chosen as the Art in Bloom signature piece for Art in Bloom 2020.

Holly Young (Standing Rock Dakota), Floral Legacy (detail), 2019, quills, beads, tin cones, brass sequins, thimbles, satin, calico fabric, brass bells, feathers, hides, Gift of funds from Maria Eggemeyer, Maria Wagner Reamer, and Therese M. Blaine in recognition of the Friends of the Institute L2019.258 © Holly Young.

It is with great excitement that the Art and Bloom Co-chairs and the Friends introduce the Signature Artwork for Art in Bloom 2020. Early in our tenure as AIB Co-Chairs, we hoped to highlight a Native American work. During fortuitous conversations with Jill Ahlberg Yohe, Mia’s Associate Curator of Native American Art, she expressed a deep interest in acquiring an artwork she’d discovered at a Native American Art show in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When she showed us images of the art object, we understood why she found it so captivating. We too, fell in love.

Floral Legacy, by contemporary Dakota artist Holly Young, is a stunning couture bag. This artwork has exquisite beadwork on one side, and quill details on the other. As excited as we are about Floral Legacy, we are equally thrilled to provide a forum for Mia guests to encounter the credo of Holly Young. Ms. Young, who lives on Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota, is committed to preserving Native traditional arts. She incorporates Dakota floral designs and motifs into her artworks on clothing, jewelry, cradleboards, accessories and paper.

In addition to her bead and quillwork, Ms. Young is also a ledger artist. But the convictions that undergird her work make it all the more impressive. She is committed to generously sharing the circle of knowledge by practicing Winyan Omniciye: what you learn, you give back. We are grateful that Mia guests will become part of this circle as they experience the beauty of Floral Legacy as part of Mia’s permanent collection for years to come. 

We are intentionally revealing only a corner of this marvelous work, so on April 22, 2020 we can unveil it at the Art in Bloom Preview Event, and give it the welcome party it deserves!