May 2018

Art in Bloom 2018 was a Blooming Year!

Eugène Delacroix, French, 1798–1863, Still Life with Dahlias, Zinnias, Hollyhocks and Plums (detail), c. 1835, oil on canvas, Gift of funds from the Friends of the Institute in celebration of their 100th anniversary, with generous support from Nivin MacMillan, Mary Agnes and Al McQuinn, Sheila C. Morgan, Mary and Douglas Olson, Carol Burton Gray, Nikki and Ron Lewis, Lucy Crosby Mitchell, Linda and Phil Boelter, Pamela and Mark Friedland, Katie and Steve Remole, Lucille Amis, Carolyn and Tucker Dahl, Ed and Teresa Luterbach, Jane and Thomas Nelson, Suzanne C. and William B. Payne, Marilyn Sundberg, Marietta and Jot Turner, and gifts made in memory of Teresa Pfister   

A message of thanks from Art in Bloom Co-Chairs Barbara Proeschel and Lezlie Pinske.

Lezlie Pinske and Barbara Proeschel
Lezlie Pinske, left,  and Barbara Proeschel, co-chairs for Art in Bloom 2018.

Art in Bloom 2018 was a fabulously fun event with record breaking attendance of 52,401 visitors. Thanks to our very hard working Committee Chairs, Mia staff and all Art in Bloom volunteers for executing this spectacular community celebration of spring with savoir faire.
Congratulations to the outstanding Commercial Florists and Pedestal Florists for bringing the beauty of spring to all those thousands of visitors. Many thanks go to
Nikki Lewis, our Honorary Chair, Lead Sponsors Bachman’s and Thymes, and all our generous sponsors and patrons.
IMG_0103Our kick off event in March was the successful Pint & Paint night when we all became Delacroix. Then came the amazing Preview Gala and Delacroix masterpiece unveiling where guests saw our signature artwork debuted to the public. This was followed by dining amongst the art accompanied by live music. In addition, the doors opened to the creatively arranged and enticing Art in Bloom Shop.
Thursday and Friday morning lecturers were a hit. We learned that French formal gardens are not stodgy, and how to entertain with panache.

IMG_0075 2
The arrangements coming out of the Thursday afternoon master floral class were stunning. Well-attended Flowers After Hours saw two Bachman’s fleur couture shows in Pillsbury Auditorium as well as a gallery stroll with the models. Our ticketed Thursday night event, the Mixology workshop, was entertaining and educational with guests mixing and enjoying the spirit of spirits.
IMG_0030The Fashion Show and Formal Luncheon were glorious, sold out events celebrating this year’s spring and summer trends. Guests arrived to sparkling rosé and hors d’oeuvres. The fashion show, sponsored by the Galleria and produced by Grant Whitaker provided style inspiration based on the Delacroix painting. A French-inspired luncheon followed.
IMG_0080On Friday evening, the Parisian wreath making workshops led by Jenn Hovland of Fleur de Louise were filled to capacity while on the 3rd floor operatic notes rang out to enthralled guests a couple of times during the evening.

IMG_0002 2On Saturday, Mia was filled with an estimated 1300 – 1400 people enjoying our family event while sprouting antlers and fresh flowers on their headband creations, inspired by a reading of author David Small’s book, Imogene’s Antlers.

Sunday found standing room only at the celebration and announcement of the Pedestal Floral Artist (PFA) awards.

Copy of Copy of Evelynweb 2
Last but not least, Monday was take-down day. The AfterBloom committee made 500 floral arrangements to provide cheer to recipients in area hospitals, hospices, senior living buildings and to clients of our newest partner, Meals on Wheels Minnesota.

IMG-4530Many thanks to our Art in Bloom Shop, a complete success in every way. Our customers loved the merchandise assortment and customer service that lead to a record breaking year in sales, driving a 12% increase in sales over last year! The record breaking success of the shop was due to the incredible volunteers working in the shop and at the checkout area. Their smiles, can-do attitude, strong product knowledge, friendliness, and efficient service was a key element of the overall success.  
Please thank all our Art in Bloom Committee Chairs for a job well done:
Pre-AIB Prep: Chris Salmen, Secretary: Patty McCullough, Finance Committee: Dawn Dexter (Treasurer), Marty Weicht, Nancy Withers and Ellen Archibald; AfterBloom: Jenn Hovland; AIB Shop: Barb Champ, Hal Proskey, Kirby Marquardt, and Connie Sanville; Commercial Florists: Mickey O’Kane and Carol Pagac; Dedications: Molly Van Metre; Docent Tours: Arna Yetter and Diane Skrien; Family Event: Julie Holland and Chris Vickery; Fashion Show & Formal Luncheon: Heidi Ault, Elizabeth (Gummy) Grande and Emily Carlson; Advisor (Lunches): Mary Bachhuber; Floral Demonstrators: Judith Benton and Lisa Flynn; Flowers After Hours: Maria Reamer and Mary Rossi; Friday Evening Workshops: Sharon Secor and Judith Ericksen; Friends Newsletter Liaison: Sharon Secor and Teresa Luterbach; Great Gatherings: Nancy Gunderson and Aretha Green-Rupert; Hospitality: JeanMarie Burtness and Maggie Rosine; Liaison to Bachman’s: Pauline Altermatt; March Kick-Off Event: Michele Byfield-Angell and Mary Merrick; Morning Coffee: Susan Arndt; Patron Letters: Linda Boelter, Carolyn Dahl and Katie Searl; Pedestal Floral Artists: Theresa Blaine, Terry Carter and Donna Krska; Preview Party: Kris King, Marilyn Sundberg and Mara Milne; Program Sales: Kathleen Steiger and Margie Stemple; Advertising Sales: Linda Tell; Speaker Travel Logistics: Carrie Kilberg, Ellie Noyes and Lori Raduenz; Sponsorships: Robin Keyworth, Connie Sommers and Betsey Whitbeck; Volunteers: Holly Hernandez and Julie Hillmyer.

Talk About Books This Summer

The official Friends Book Club is on hiatus but an informal gathering will occur each month this summer.
Please join us at 5PM at the cafe tables by the Chinese Rock Garden in the General Mills Lobby for a book discussion,
dinner or snacks, and drinks followed by the 6:30PM public docent-led tour. Each attendee is responsible for his/her own snacks. We hope you can attend all or some of the gatherings.
For more information, please contact Jeanne Scheiderer at
Summer book club dates and books:

Thursday, May 10River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze by Peter Hessler

Thursday, June 14A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

Thursday, July 12I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
51RSUHDA0mLThursday, August 9Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir by J.D. Vance

A Friends Only Tour in June

Friends Only tour of “The Rabblerouser and the Homebody: Minnesota’s Elizabeth Olds and Wanda Gág” will be held June 12.

Top: Elizabeth Olds American, 1896–1991 “Harlem Musicians,” 1937-40 Color screenprint Published by Works Progress Administration, New York Gift of Mrs. C.C. Bovey P.11,770 Bottom: Wanda Gág American, 1893–1946 “Siesta,” 1937 Lithograph on zinc plate The William Hood Dunwoody Fund P.12,182
Top: Elizabeth Olds
American, 1896–1991
“Harlem Musicians,” 1937-40
Color screenprint
Published by Works Progress Administration, New York
Gift of Mrs. C.C. Bovey P.11,770
Bottom: Wanda Gág
American, 1893–1946
“Siesta,” 1937
Lithograph on zinc plate
The William Hood Dunwoody Fund P.12,182

You probably know Wanda Gág for her famous children’s book Millions of Cats (1928) and Elizabeth Olds for being the first woman to win a Guggenheim Fellowship to study art abroad (1926). But in the first half of the 20th century, these two Minnesota-born artists captivated the New York art world with prints that were unlike anything anyone had seen before. Most at home in the country, Gág trained her idiosyncratic eye on homey things, producing black-and-white lithographs that tremble with feeling. Olds drew many of her subjects from the Great Depression, using satire, high-keyed color, and compassion to produce prints that are funny, socially relevant, or both.
The work of these two remarkably independent women is on view in “The Rabblerouser and the Homebody: Minnesota’s Elizabeth Olds and Wanda Gág.”
A Friends Only tour on June 12 at 11AM will be led by Marla Kinney, Mia’s Fellow of Prints and Drawings. This talk will explore the artists’ commitment to the creative life and the sources of their unusual originality, including the role their upbringing (privileged versus impoverished) played in their art; Olds’s pioneering efforts to popularize color screen printing under the New Deal; Gág’s eccentric use of sandpaper; and how both came to produce children’s books.
This special tour is free to Friends members. Please register by calling the Friends office at 612.870.3045. RSVP deadline is June 10th. Tour is limited to 15 people. We will meet at the information desk in the General Mills lobby at 10:50AM for this engaging tour.

Friends and Delacroix

Celebrate 100 Years of Mia Friends with a gift to help acquire the beautiful Delacroix painting.

Eugène Delacroix, French, 1798–1863, Still Life with Dahlias, Zinnias, Hollyhocks and Plums (detail), c. 1835, oil on canvas, Gift of funds from the Friends of the Institute in celebration of their 100th anniversary, with generous support from Nivin MacMillan, Mary Agnes and Al McQuinn, Sheila C. Morgan, and Mary and Douglas Olson.
Eugène Delacroix, French, 1798–1863, Still Life with Dahlias, Zinnias, Hollyhocks and Plums, c. 1835, oil on canvas, Gift of funds from the Friends of the Institute in celebration of their 100th anniversary, with generous support from Nivin MacMillan, Mary Agnes and Al McQuinn, Sheila C. Morgan, Mary and Douglas Olson, Carol Burton Gray, Nikki and Ron Lewis, Lucy Crosby Mitchell, Linda and Phil Boelter, Pamela and Mark Friedland, Katie and Steve Remole, Lucille Amis, Carolyn and Tucker Dahl, Ed and Teresa Luterbach, Jane and Thomas Nelson, Suzanne C. and William B. Payne, Marilyn Sundberg, Marietta and Jot Turner, and gifts made in memory of Teresa Pfister.

“Wow, I think the Delacroix is the most beautiful floral painting in the museum.”
“I can’t believe the Friends are purchasing a Delacroix for the museum in celebration of their 100th.”
Those are just some of the comments heard from museum visitors regarding the new Eugène Delacroix painting titled Still Life with Dahlias, Zinnias, Hollyhocks, and Plums.
Hopefully, you had a chance to visit the museum during Art In Bloom to not only experience all the beautiful floral arrangements but also to see the magnificent Delacroix. If you have not yet seen it, you must plan a museum visit soon.
The Friends of the Institute will be turning 100 years old in 2022 and in celebration of 100 years of Friendship have decided to provide funding for the purchase of the Delacroix painting. We are asking all Friends members to be a part of this very exciting acquisition by making a donation towards the purchase.  
Please consider making a donation and being a part of this very exciting gift to Mia. Any amount is welcome and you can make a one-time gift or a multi-year pledge. Complete the Friends Gift Intention form to make your contribution. By returning this gift commitment form with your donation, we can be assured that your donation will go toward purchasing the Delacroix. All gift commitments of $5,000 or more will be recognized as Friends’ Centennial donors in signage throughout the Centennial year 2022.
We look forward to hearing from you.

The Spectacular Gift of Floral Art

Thanks to the many Floral Artists who added the bloom to Art in Bloom!
This year, nearly 200 pedestal floral artists worked alone, in pairs, or in groups to create 165 arrangements that filled Mia’s galleries with the bright colors and sweet scents of spring. Art in Bloom 2018 welcomed 41 new Pedestal Floral Artists (PFAs), at least 24 PFA’s who’ve participated in Art in Bloom for more than 15 years, and two PFAs—Sue Bagge and Phyllis Andrews—who designed floral art works for every one of Art in Bloom’s 35 years!
The effort that goes into creating an Art in Bloom arrangement begins on a cold January evening with Artwork Selection. It involves studying a chosen artwork, contemplating the appropriate design, selecting just the right container and flowers, adhering to rules and guidelines, and finally creating a floral interpretation that will delight Mia guests. For Art in Bloom floral participants, this can be both a nerve-wracking and joyful experience. More than anything, though, pedestal floral artists will express that it is a privilege to participate in the gift that is Art in Bloom:

  • A gift from Mia and its staff that, for four days in early spring, flowers are allowed to share the galleries with masterworks from all corners of the earth.
  • A gift from Pedestal Floral Artists who share their floral arrangements—the fruit of their labors—but also give the gifts of their time, resources, talent, and creativity.
  •  A gift for museum guests, over 52,000 of them, who enjoy the scents and sights of colorful blooming flowers which are especially welcome after a long Minnesota winter.
  • A gift from The Friends of the Institute to the community. Many volunteers, and thousands of volunteer hours result in the gift of education programs, especially for children who will experience the wonder of art at Mia.

The PFA Committee Co-Chairs Terry Carter, Donna Krska, and Therese Blaine would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to all 2018 AIB pedestal floral artists. In addition, we extend special thanks to: Katie Remole, Friends President; Kate Smith Williamschen, Friends Operations Manager; Jackie Figueroa and Frannie Kuhs, Friends Project Assistants; Mia staff, especially the security team for hospitality shown to PFAs; Members of the the PFA committee for their dedication; Corey Strand for photographing all of the floral arrangements for the Art in Bloom florist blog site; and to Barbara and Bob Scott, Mary Jubenville, and Marta Melin of the League of Catholic Women, our sponsors of the Pedestal Floral Artist Celebration Event.
If you didn’t get the chance to attend Art in Bloom 2018, or if you would like to revisit your Art in Bloom experience to get a second look at the floral arrangements, click here to visit our online site. 
People’s Choice Awards go to the following:
Best interpretation of a work of art
Winner: Mary Ann Morgan for Japanese Armor & Helmet
Honorable Mention: Karen Ortiz for Olive Trees
Most creative floral arrangement
Winner: Barbarajo Kuzelka & Kate Sobraske for Young Woman in Undergarments
Honorable Mention: Trisha Johnson for Tornado Over St. Paul
Personal Favorite
Winner: Violet Wilson for Wire Cone Chair
Honorable Mention: Richard Raiche for Side Chair
The Friends send congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all our Pedestal Floral Artists whose creative and vibrant contributions make Art in Bloom so successful!
AIB2018_Footer_v5 March22

AfterBloom Delivers

AfterBloom delivered more than 500 arrangements to Twin Cities hospitals and charities.
IMG_20180430_172352_135AfterBloom was a huge success! Twenty-five volunteer floral designers met in the atrium of the museum on the Monday after Art in Bloom and created 500 vase arrangements. About half the arrangements were taken to the Metro Meals on Wheels organization and delivered along with their Monday meals. The following is excerpted from an email received from the Meals on Wheels coordinator:
Copy of Copy of LeoLunaweb (1)“Thank you so much for creating this opportunity for our Meals on Wheels clients. The flowers were a HUGE hit. All the clients were delighted and the drivers loved being able to surprise clients with something fresh and pretty. Several drivers commented that even the men were tickled to get flowers, and a few mentioned that it was the first time they ever received flowers. Your generosity made a big impact on the elderly and disabled people in our community.”
The rest of the donations were delivered to area nursing homes, hospice centers, and shelters around the metro by individuals and the National Honor Society students from St. Croix Preparatory Academy in Stillwater.
IMG_20180430_171641_405This event could not have happened without the tremendous outpouring of support including vase donations, volunteers, and the beautiful flowers donated from individual Pedestal Floral Artists and commercial florists such as: Acanthus, Arts and Flowers Design Studio, Bachman’s, Fleur de Louise Flower Studio, Koehler and Dramm Wholesale Florists, Lake Harriet Floral, Martha’s Gardens, and Sadie’s Couture Floral and Event Styling.
AIB2018_Footer_v5 March22

Great Gatherings

Support the Friends throughout the year with Great Gatherings.
Great Gatherings returns for the second year! Unveiled at Art in Bloom, Great Gatherings are tours developed with our outside-of-Mia Friends that let us extend the beauty and fun of Art in Bloom throughout the year. Each of these tours or passes benefits the Friends and Mia and have limited spaces available so sign up soon!
For reservations, contact Nancy Gunderson at or Aretha Green-Rupert at TODAY to reserve your spot! Payment may be made by check at the Friends office.
Tuesday, June 12, 9AM – 12 NOON
Spend the morning attending to your well-being with a 45-60 minute group acupuncture session plus either a 50 minute massage or a 45 minute lifestyle coaching session. This is followed by a tour of the new facility and light lunch.
Available spots remain for 6 guests. $75/person
Thursday, June 7, 6:30PM
Private VIP tour of the peony fields and an exclusive early-bird ordering opportunity plus light refreshments.
This is a “must do” opportunity for peony lovers! Swenson’s occupies a 40 acre farm near Howard lake, MN.
Available spots remain for 23 guests. $25/person
Thursday, June 14, 6PM – 8PM
Offering $300 off/pair of a complete eyeglass purchase!  Come shop, enjoy refreshments, and get some hip, new specs!
Available spots remain for 16 guests. $75/person
Thursday, June 21 at 6PM
John E. Andrus III Curator of Prints and Drawings and Department Head Tom Rassieur will be your guide through a rarely seen tour of prints and drawings from Mia’s collection in the Herschel V. Jones Print Study Room. Enjoy tasty refreshments and camaraderie after the private showing.
Available spots remain for 6 guests. $100/person
Friday, June 22 at 3PM
Take a VIP guided tour of the Science Museum Collections area (not open to the public) and enjoy general admission museum passes for more exploring!
Available spots remain for 7 guests. $40/person
Saturday, November 10, 9AM – 10:30AM
Take a guided tour of the holiday poinsettia greenhouses in Plymouth, MN and learn about the many fresh cut flowers that are grown right here in Minnesota. Refreshments provided on site.
Available spots remain for 25 guests. $25/person
Saturday, December 15, 11AM
VIP tour of the historic Turnblad Mansion and the holiday-decorated Scandinavian countries rooms, along with Swedish treats and shopping.
Available spots remain for 11 guests. $75/person
May be used at guest’s convenience
Enjoy one of the premier public gardens in the United States with a VIP pass.
Available spots remain for 5 guests. $20/person

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In memory of Patricia Weeks, Founding President of the Rochester Friends

This remembrance was written by Lucy Bahn, Friends Board Liaison to the Rochester Friends.

Patricia Weeks
Patricia Weeks

We fondly remember Patricia Weeks who died in March at her home in Rochester at age 93. Patricia had a keen interest in art history, architecture, and antiques. Trained as an English teacher in New York state, she moved with her physician husband to Rochester, MN, in 1957.

Patricia was fortunate to take many classes and museum trips to China, Japan, and most of Western Europe. She was secretary and then president of the Alice Mayo Society and served on numerous community boards including the Rochester Art Center. In 1983, she founded the Rochester Friends of the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Patricia was able to bring some of what Mia had to offer to Rochester, at that time a community of 60,000 people, and the Rochester Friends thrived. Pat was joined by a core group of highly educated and widely traveled art enthusiasts who made trips to Mia and were able to attract Mia experts who traveled to Rochester to deliver monthly lectures as well as workshops.

Her energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm for bringing art to Rochester will be missed.

Putting Wheels on the School Bus to Mia

Friends inspire Friends to give to the Buy a Bus program, bringing students to Mia.

Nick Hay and Carol Poulson
Nick Hay and Carol Poulson

Ours is a small world, isn’t it? This “shaggy bus story” starts with incoming Friends Board member Carol Poulson selling a Subaru to then-Board member Martha Beery Milberry. In the very model of women doing business, the two became friends and Martha gifted Carol with a Friends membership. Thus begins our story.
Carol and her partner, Nick Hay, have remained connected with a group of college friends. At their annual dinner, Carol and Nick recognized their friendship with a contribution rather than a present. One year it was the Heifer Project and each friend received a miniature sheep.
Their gift to each friend in 2017 was a wheel on a school bus to Mia! The group was delighted to receive their beautifully wrapped little yellow buses, especially when they learned that 45 schoolchildren would be introduced to our amazing museum thanks to this gift that keeps on giving.
This past year 65 bus grants were made to underserved schools in the Twin Cities, giving students the opportunity to tour Mia’s outstanding collection and be inspired by the wonder of art. Each grant is funded by the Friends Transportation Program. As a token of the gift, each recipient receives a miniature yellow school bus.
Honor a friend, celebrate a friend, remember a friend; contact the Friends office at 612.870.3045 to buy a bus for $175, or a wheel on the bus for $50!

2017-2018 Annual Report

Katie Remole, Friends of the Institute President
Katie Remole, Friends of the Institute President

Saluté Friends,

As our 2017-2018 year draws to a close, I want to celebrate all of you and what you have done for Friends and Mia. This year’s Annual Report touches on a few of the outstanding aspects of a year we can all be proud of.

Although the highlight of the year was Art in Bloom 2018 Honorary Chair Nicki Lewis’s unveiling of the Delacroix masterpiece purchased by Friends for Mia, the numerous gatherings throughout the year that make up the work of Friends have been the core that touches us in our volunteer efforts. I invite you to read on for more.

Kind regards,

Katie Remole

The 2017-2018 Annual Meeting as read by 1st Vice President, Julie Holland.
Good morning and welcome to the Friends of the Institute Annual Meeting and the May lecture.
Friends of the Institute has been very privileged to work with an outstanding Mia administration and staff. We are grateful for the leadership of Kaywin Feldman, the Nivin and Duncan MacMillan Director and President of Mia, and we are thankful for the guidance of Julianne Amendola, Mia’s Chief Advancement Officer. Their contributions to Friends cannot be overstated.
The Friends greatly appreciate our invaluable Operations Manager, Kate Smith Williamschen. Kate was instrumental in helping Katie through her first year as Friends president. Kate has an ever-ready smile and quick laugh that amplifies her organizational skills and ability to keep the Friends office running smoothly.
This year we were fortunate to have great support in the office with two very capable Project Assistants, Jackie Figueroa and Frannie Kuhs. Their contributions enabled Friends to put on a very smooth Art in Bloom. Thank you.
We are also thankful for our strong Friends affiliate groups in Rochester and St. Cloud. These members help us support Mia through their networks of friends who enjoy the many benefits of the museum through group tours of Mia’s collection and curator lectures. We thank them for their important community leadership on our behalf.
I now want to recognize our wise and talented past presidents. Will you please stand when I call your name: Carol Burton Gray, Suzanne Payne, Carolyn Dahl, and Connie Sommers. Thank you for joining us today and thank you for your contribution to Friends.
Friends of the Institute had a very eventful year. Here are a few of the highlights:

      • Two weeks ago we were in the midst of Art in Bloom. This was our 35th year celebrating art and flowers. The event brought more than 52,000 visitors to Mia. I want to recognize our co-chairs Lezlie Pinske and Barbara Proeschel; the Art in Bloom committee; all the volunteers, patrons and Mia staff who make this event possible.
      • Art in Bloom was filled with energy and beauty, but the biggest star of the event was Mia’s new acquisition and Art in Bloom’s signature piece of art, Eugène Delacroix’s Still Life with Dahlias, Zinnias, Hollyhocks, and Plums. In celebration of Friends 100th anniversary in 2022, Friends was given the opportunity to raise the funds needed to acquire this masterpiece. Last year Patrick Noon, Mia’s Elizabeth MacMillan Chair of Paintings, and the world’s leading expert on Delacroix, learned of its availability and confirmed its authenticity as a Delacroix. It had never before been displayed to the publicly. Kaywin Feldman and Patrick Noon immediately thought this painting would be a perfect way for Friends to celebrate our upcoming centennial. I am happy to announce we are well on our way to our fundraising goal, thanks to lead donations by Friends members Nivin MacMillan, Mary Agnes and Al McQuinn, Sheila Morgan, Mary and Douglas Olson, Carol Burton Gray, Nikki Lewis and many others. With ongoing fundraising, we expect to reach our goal by our Friends Centennial Celebration in 2022.
      • Each year we work hard to enhance our endowed Transportation Fund through our Buy A Bus campaign, and this year was no exception. We brought 121 buses filled with 5,121 school children to Mia for a docent or art adventure guide-led tour, and that number does not include our busiest months of May and June. We can be proud of the numbers of lives we touch with this program, exposing young minds to our world-class collection at Mia.
      • The Friends continued the tradition of providing nine exceptional lectures, free to the public, on the second Thursday of the month, September through May. The Mark and Mary Goff Fiterman Lecture Fund generously support two of these lectures. Speakers this year were diverse as always and ranged from Apollo art magazine’s editor Thomas Marks to tattoo scholar and historian Anna Felicity Friedman.
      • The Friends Newsletter Committee continues to deliver a very informative monthly online newsletter to our members. This year we added a special edition dedicated exclusively to Art in Bloom. All tickets for Art in Bloom events were a simple click away.

Those of you who are Friends members enjoyed some special perks including Friends Only events:

      • In the fall, we held a Friends 101 class informing members about our organization, followed by a behind-the-scenes look at rarely seen Andy Warhol prints in the Prints and Drawing Library, given by Mia’s John E. Andrus III Curator of Prints and Drawings, Tom Rassier.
      • Our Friends Only Committee planned and executed five Friends Only tours, including Mia’s new “Gate of Prosperity”, highlights of Mia’s collection of jewelry and curator-led tours of “Eyewitness Views”, “I am Somali”, and “Horse Power”. Our sixth Friends Only tour is scheduled for Tuesday, June 12 at 11AM. Marla Kinney, Fellow in Mia’s Prints and Drawings Department will led us through the exhibit “The Rabblerouser and the Homebody:  Minnesota’s Elizabeth Olds and Wanda Gag”. Please join us!
      • Friends Only Book Club met monthly for lively book discussions, docent-led tours, and refreshments.
      • The Outreach Committee started a new program with members becoming Picture People for the Art Adventure program. Friends volunteers went into the schools as Picture People and chaperoned the students at Mia for their guided tours. Friends also donated art supplies to these students.
      • On Wednesday, June 6, Friends will embark on the Art and Architecture tour of Washington, DC. The itinerary includes exclusive tours and receptions of great museums and government buildings, plus the trip is a great opportunity to enjoy friendships and camaraderie.

Again, this is a short list, but you can tell from all that goes on here, being a Friends member is a tremendous opportunity to enjoy the museum, build friendships and be part of something that enhances our communities. I strongly encourage you to think about joining us, if you are not already a member.