Check the List for Membership!

Help Friends Membership grow with an easy-peasy how-to Membership checklist.

Eugène Delacroix, France, 1798–1863
Still Life with Dahlias, Zinnias, Hollyhocks and Plums, 1835, Oil on canvas
Gift of funds from the Friends of the Institute in celebration of their 100th anniversary, with generous support from Nivin MacMillan, Mary Agnes and Al McQuinn, Sheila C. Morgan, Mary and Douglas Olson, Carol Burton Gray, Nikki and Ron Lewis, Lucy Crosby Mitchell, Linda and Phil Boelter, Pamela and Mark Friedland, Katie and Steve Remole, Elizabeth Short and Kirk Cozine, Lucille Amis, Carolyn and Tucker Dahl, Maria Eggemeyer, Gary and Gretchen Holland, Ed and Teresa Luterbach, Jane and Thomas Nelson, Suzanne C. and William B. Payne, Marilyn Sundberg, Marietta and Jot Turner, and gifts made in memory of Teresa Pfister, 2017.52

Membership is the theme of this month’s fabulous newsletter, and it is SO important to the Friends. As a member, your time, your attention and hard work have brought so many wonderful things to Mia! From yellow school bus grants that transport children to Mia to art acquisitions like the Delacroix, our members have volunteered and donated to make Mia a special part of our Minnesota home.

While we have enjoyed many years of growing Friends members, in recent years we have seen a slow reversal in renewals and new memberships.

The membership committee is developing new and innovative ways to retain existing members and to reach out to new members as well as to convert friends into Friends. But we need your help too.

How can YOU help? 

Two Friends, Frogtown, 1994 Wing Young Huie Gelatin silver print GIFT OF FUNDS FROM DAVID PARKER 98.228.2
  1. Invite your friends to become Friends at (Virtual) Friends 101 on Tuesday, October 20 at 10AM. See this month’s article on Friends 101 and sign up with a friend!
  2. Make sure you renew your membership. Each quarter, Membership sends letters or emails to lapsed and about-to-lapse Friends. Please look for renewal notices in your email this year, click here to join online, or complete this form and mail to the address on the form.
  3. Give the gift of Membership. Don’t just ask a friend to become a Friend. Gift a friend the fun of becoming a Friend. You can gift a membership anytime throughout the year by completing this form and designating a gift recipient (please include all contact info for the recipient).

Not sure if your membership has lapsed? Call the Mia Member’s Hotline at 612-870-6323 to find out when your membership expires. If your membership has expired you can renew it at the same time. 

Together we can keep our organization strong! Thank you.