Creating Memories

Volunteerism has always been such an integral part of Friends. But to assure an active assembly of volunteers, an organization must continually maintain its relevance, strength, and mission.

In 1925, Friends hosted the “Vanishing Luncheon”, boosting membership numbers as well as fundraising. Bernice Dalrymple, head of the Friends Finance Committee, hosted the first luncheon to acquaint sixteen friends with the newly organized Friends. One dollar was contributed by each guest, with each guest then agreeing to host her own luncheon for eight additional women. Subsequent luncheons were organized by these eight women, then by four friends, and finally luncheons were hosted for two women. What so wonderfully resulted was $2,000 raised and an even more importantly, an awareness of what Friends brings to the community.

New members are essential to any organization. They bring new ideas, new friendships, and vitality to Friends. Everyone knows someone who may lend all these qualities to our organization. Make the effort to invite them to the next lecture or other Friends events. Introduce them to all the wonderful volunteer opportunities coming up this year as we celebrate Friends centennial.

 With Art in Bloom coming soon, what a terrific time to engage new Friends as volunteers! Also, check this column monthly as we detail upcoming centennial events requiring volunteer time and talents. Friends has maintained its force and popularity because we enjoy each other’s company, and at the same time, lend assistance in the programs we promote.

Speaking of Art in Bloom, our committee came across the program from the first Art in Bloom held in 1984. How fun to include in this column an excerpt from the program discussing seasonal fashion from 1984. Keep these fashion statements in mind as you plan your wardrobe for Art in Bloom this year!

Enjoy these excerpts from the 1984 Art in Bloom program:

 “Fashion for spring thru summer is delightfully free and uncomplicated—reminiscent of simpler times, and a joy to wear…Clean simplicity—free of frills and embellishments, is the single most important feature of this season’s designs.”

 “The best news in fashion is borrowed from the boys…Beautifully softened man-style silhouette…but how serious can they be when they are as soft as the woman within…Look for roomy, oversized blazers with deep lapels…Short sleeved jackets with the comfort and ease of a shirt…Longer skirts that wrap, tie or drape in crinkled or textured fabrics.”

 “Dresses are subtly controlled…The year of the chemise…Dresses focus on the back…Lengths are getting longer…short getting shorter…seriously sexy…Flirtatious layers, sensuous draping in leg-baring chemise length or long, body skimming silhouettes…beads…sequins…bare shoulders.”

 “Fashion is…looking your best always…”

Composed by: Marilyn Sundberg, Art in Bloom Fashion Show Chairman

 Spring brings warmth, longer days, and wonderful opportunities to experience friendships. Friends provides these experiences; you bring your style, smile and your friends!

 Friends History Publication Committee

Pamela Friedland

Linda Goldenberg

Mary Merrick

Suzanne Payne

Connie Sommers