Floral Legacy is the Signature Artwork for Art in Bloom 2020

A newly created work of art is chosen as the Art in Bloom signature piece for Art in Bloom 2020.

Holly Young (Standing Rock Dakota), Floral Legacy (detail), 2019, quills, beads, tin cones, brass sequins, thimbles, satin, calico fabric, brass bells, feathers, hides, Gift of funds from Maria Eggemeyer, Maria Wagner Reamer, and Therese M. Blaine in recognition of the Friends of the Institute L2019.258 © Holly Young.

It is with great excitement that the Art and Bloom Co-chairs and the Friends introduce the Signature Artwork for Art in Bloom 2020. Early in our tenure as AIB Co-Chairs, we hoped to highlight a Native American work. During fortuitous conversations with Jill Ahlberg Yohe, Mia’s Associate Curator of Native American Art, she expressed a deep interest in acquiring an artwork she’d discovered at a Native American Art show in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When she showed us images of the art object, we understood why she found it so captivating. We too, fell in love.

Floral Legacy, by contemporary Dakota artist Holly Young, is a stunning couture bag. This artwork has exquisite beadwork on one side, and quill details on the other. As excited as we are about Floral Legacy, we are equally thrilled to provide a forum for Mia guests to encounter the credo of Holly Young. Ms. Young, who lives on Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota, is committed to preserving Native traditional arts. She incorporates Dakota floral designs and motifs into her artworks on clothing, jewelry, cradleboards, accessories and paper.

In addition to her bead and quillwork, Ms. Young is also a ledger artist. But the convictions that undergird her work make it all the more impressive. She is committed to generously sharing the circle of knowledge by practicing Winyan Omniciye: what you learn, you give back. We are grateful that Mia guests will become part of this circle as they experience the beauty of Floral Legacy as part of Mia’s permanent collection for years to come. 

We are intentionally revealing only a corner of this marvelous work, so on April 22, 2020 we can unveil it at the Art in Bloom Preview Event, and give it the welcome party it deserves!