Friends Only Lecture Results

Lecture Committee wraps up an interesting year!

In a year like no other, the Lecture Committee did a quick pivot to the digital world of Zoom. Between adjustments to contracts, rescheduling speakers, and learning how to present an engaging virtual lecture, we managed a fairly good year. A big thank you to our fabulous Mia technology team, Mike Dust, Brian Tighe, and Jeff Kearns who made sure we were able to zoom out to our audience.

You may be wondering what our participation numbers looked like this year. September 2020 through May 2021, registration for tickets was on average between 220 and 330 per month, with one lecture going as high as 408 registrants. However, we had a 25-40% drop off in terms of people who actually dialed into the lecture. According to Learning Innovation, this is quite common for virtual events and is not a bad drop-off (usually due to forgetfulness, other conflicts, and the lack of repercussions to not dialing in for a free event). These numbers are comparable to our in-person lecture events at Mia!

Though many of us would prefer to have been in the Pillsbury Auditorium with our Friends, we were able to extend our reach outside of the Twin Cities, nationally and even internationally, with people calling in from Argentina, Ecuador, and India.  Plus, no one had to go out on a cold, snowy winter day! Thanks to everyone who attended.