Letter from the President

Dear Members,

The image below, titled ABear” Chance, was painted by the illustrator Phillip Goodwin in 1907. It was commissioned by the Cream of Wheat Company to be used in their hot cereal advertisements.

A “Bear” Chance, 1907, Philip R. Goodwin, oil on canvas, Gift of the National Biscuit Company, 70.64.

Mia acquired the painting in 1970 as a gift from the National Biscuit Company, also known as Nabisco. It is currently on view in gallery 320.

During this cold and bleak winter I have been feeling very much like this bear. I am truly relieved when I get out of my overheated house and into the perfectly controlled climate at Mia. As a member of Friends, we all have the opportunity to emerge from hibernation and attend stimulating events at Mia. The centennial lecture and luncheon on April 14 will be spectacular. The Art in Bloom preview party on April 27 will be sparkling. There is so much more. Get your tickets now.

If your membership has lapsed, renew, renew, renew. Remember, all members will receive a beautiful centennial book this year and can also be listed in our new members directory. Find details at friends.artsmia.org.

See you at Mia,