Meet a Friend: Teresa Luterbach

Family visits to Mia as a child inspired Teresa Luterbach to study Design at the University of Minnesota and, once her three children were grown, come back to Mia as an enthusiastic volunteer and Friend. This month we get to know her better. 

Teresa Luterbach
Teresa Luterbach

How long have you been a Friend? 
I first joined the Friends in 2011 when I started training to become an Art Adventure Guide. I joined the Friends Board in 2016 and have served as co-chair of the Newsletter and Membership committees. I also served on the Art Adventure Guide Council from 2015-2019.

What’s the most memorable Friends lecture or event you’ve attended? 
In October 2019 I attended the Friends lecture by Amanda Lucidon, Michelle Obama’s official White House photographer. She was engaging, down-to-earth, and her photography was amazing. Each year there are many interesting lecturers who come to share stories and expertise on a variety of art-related topics. I try to attend all of them! Art In Bloom is another favorite—it’s a great way to kick off the spring season!

How about a favorite artwork?
One of my favorite artists is George Morrison. I can think of three different artworks by him that are currently on view. Of those, my favorite is Collage IX: Landscape. I also love to see what’s new in the Photography gallery.

Finish the sentence. I love being a Friend because__________ .
It’s a terrific way to meet people and there are so many ways to get involved and support Mia.

What do you wish everyone knew about Mia? 
Mia is a Minnesota treasure. It’s a place filled with surprises, where people of all backgrounds can feel welcome. 

You used to spend a lot of time at the museum. How are you adjusting to our current circumstances?
During the pandemic, I have been trying to be patient with the situation, and have done a ton of walking and reading. I took a virtual hand-lettering class through MCAD which was fun. I miss guiding Art Adventure tours, but I am grateful Mia is open again so I can wander and find new surprises!