Nicolai Lewis will serve as Honorary Chair for 2018 Art in Bloom

Meet Nikki Lewis, Art in Bloom 2018 Honorary Chair and longtime Friend of Mia!

Nikki and her husband, Ron Lewis, love to travel. here they are in China at The Great Wall.
Nikki and her husband, Ron Lewis, love to travel. Here they are pictured in China at The Great Wall.

Nicolai (or Nikki) Lewis is not a stranger to the halls of Mia. She started volunteering at Mia with the Decorative Arts Council in 1992.  Since then she has served on the Friends Board in multiple capacities, including Program Chair and Treasurer. Nikki has also chaired several Art in Bloom committees and in 2010 was Art in Bloom Co-Chair. Besides art, she has developed a passion for choral music, specifically Philip Brunelle’s VocalEssence and has served on the VocalEssence board and related committees.
Nikki also enjoyed a 37-year career with Xcel Energy where she achieved the level of managing director, Corporate Risk Management.
What first intrigued Nikki about becoming an Art in Bloom Honorary Chair — not surprisingly — was her love of art.  Nikki became fascinated with renowned French artist Eugene Delacroix during Mia’s Delacroix exhibition in 2015. The exhibition lectures and a tour by Patrick Noon, Mia’s Elizabeth MacMillan Chair of Paintings, succeeded in making Nikki a Delacroix fan. She was excited to learn that the 35th annual Art in Bloom signature piece is an oil painting by Delacroix titled Still Life with Dahlias, Zinnias, Hollyhocks, and Plums.
As Honorary Chair, Nikki will be instrumental in bringing this beautiful masterpiece to the museum and thus to the Minneapolis/St. Paul communities and all visitors to Mia. To that we say, “Merci beaucoup!”