Pedestal Floral Artists lean into digital Art in Bloom

Mia curators offer an unprecedented number of artworks to PFAs 

Art In Bloom floral artists at work

Pedestal floral artists (PFAs) are the heart of Art in Bloom. They enthusiastically plan and execute floral interpretations of Mia artworks and engage with Art in Bloom visitors. 

This year is no exception, and all the more remarkable, because nearly 100 PFAs will be creating floral arrangements that can only be viewed online, starting April 28. 

PFAs feel honored to create floral arrangements that are admired in situ next to beloved artworks. In a typical year, the weight of this privilege coincides with apprehension that their floral work is a worthy complement to the artwork interpreted. For virtual Art in Bloom, PFAs have the added challenge of designing a floral arrangement that translates well to a two-dimensional photograph. This is no small feat. 

Many thanks are due to the generous PFAs who continue to contribute their artistry and time to make Art in Bloom special every year.

This year, Mia curators offered an unprecedented number of artworks for PFAs to select from. No fresh flowers in the museum means no water, no pollen, and fewer rules, allowing the curators to make textiles, photographs, and works on paper available for interpretation. As a result, half of the works selected by PFAs this year are “not on view” in the galleries. Our Art in Bloom 2021 PFAs, by pairing florals with rarely seen works, will expose visitors to a new perspective on Mia’s encyclopedic collection.