President’s Letter

Dear Friends,

My Thanksgiving celebration will be very different this year. Nonetheless, it’s still my favorite holiday when I eat my home-made cranberry sauce, and give thanks for the opportunity to slow down and see the good that surrounds me.

Thank you to the fall season,and for beautiful colors.

Thank you to Mia for the wonder of art.

Thank you to Friends members for their support.

Thank you to Rochester and St. Cloud Friends for their loyalty.

Thank you to the Friends board and volunteers for their dedication and hard work.

Thank you to the Friends office administrator for her expertise and good cheer.

Thank you to Mia staff for their friendship and willingness to help.

Here’s one I’ve grown to appreciate more and more – thank you to technology that ties us together.

My list could go on and on.

 Finally, I am grateful for the love of family and friends. I’ll always cherish my childhood memories of Thanksgivings at my grandparents’ home, when even creamed corn and cranberry jelly straight out of the can could be delectable. My very favorite was “clam paste” – a clam dip eaten with potato chips that was made with cream cheese, canned chopped clams, and Worcestershire sauce.

 I wish you a Thanksgiving holiday full of gratitude, fond memories, and good food.