Finding the perfect holiday gift is sometimes challenging, turning an opportunity to be caring and generous into a chore. This year the Friends has the perfect gift-giving solution for you!
Do your parents, spouse or kids already have everything? They don’t have this!
Do you want something really big? This is it!
Do you want something small? This can hold about 72 little ones!
Do you want something warm? We’ve got it!
Do you want something totally cool? This is totally cool!
Curiosity piqued? The perfect gift this year is a school bus to Mia! For $175 you can sponsor a bus to bring school kids to our museum. For $50 you can put wheels on the bus!
Building ViewsThe Friends Transportation Fund, along with the proceeds from the 2015 Art in Bloom Fund A Need, will bring more than 2,500 school children to Mia this year — many of whom have never been to a museum. These little ones will ride that really big, warm bus for a totally cool time with our amazing museum guides.
If you’re interested in this one-of-a-kind gift-giving opportunity please contact Robin at 612.418.8138 or One hundred percent of your gift will fund a bus and is tax deductible.