Top Ten Reasons to attend virtual Art in Bloom

Art in Bloom Chair Barb Champ channels David Letterman with her “top ten” list.

Barb Champ, Art in Bloom 2021 Chairperson

10. No social distancing or masking required

9. No need to search for parking

8. Jumping on the website in your pajama’s is cool

7. Seasonal allergies will not negatively impact your experience

6. Eating a meal or enjoying a cup of coffee or cocktail/mocktail while participating is completely acceptable

5. Creating a beautiful fresh floral arrangement at home without ever having to leave your house

4. Your visit to Art in Bloom will not be cut short to let your pet out

3. Partake in lectures and docent tours, all free of cost

2. View beautiful floral arrangements any time of the day or night

And (drumroll, please) the number one reason to attend virtual Art in Bloom? You can help keep this tradition alive and easily donate via the website from your personal device.  You can feel good that your gift will support and sustain Mia’s collections and programs during this year of extraordinary pandemic disruption.  Know that your contributions to the Friends are more welcome and gratefully accepted than ever this year.