What to Give the Person who doesn't need anything? A School Bus!

Pam Friedland's grandson, Asher,
Pam Friedland’s grandson, Asher, is delighted to play with great-grandmom’s yellow bus!

Or “The Story of How Great-Grandma Got a Birthday Bus!”
Many of us puzzle over the perfect birthday gift for a loved one who says, “Oh, I don’t need a thing!”—and mean it.  Pam Friedland solved the problem creatively, with the gift of a “school bus” to Mia for her mom’s birthday.
As a docent and former Friends President Pam has seen on many levels the life-changing effect a visit to Mia can have on kids who have never been to a museum.  “For some, this is their very first real encounter with fine art.  Seeing our beautiful galleries and being led by a friendly, accepting guide makes what could be intimidating into a warm, personal experience. And often, these kids take ownership of the art they’ve seen. They love attending the museum with their families, sharing their new-found knowledge,” Pam said.
So Pam’s daughter, Stephanie Goldman, and grandchildren Asher (pictured) and Greyson, presented the gift of a bus to Pam’s Mom, Joyce Martin, for her birthday. Joyce was delighted that her birthday gift was also a gift to schoolchildren, while Asher and Greyson were delighted to play with Great-Grandma’s yellow school bus.
This past year 65  bus grants were made to underserved schools in the Twin Cities. These grants are essential to these schools so that their students have the opportunity to tour Mia’s outstanding art collection and to be inspired by the wonder of art. Each grant is funded by the Friends Transportation Fund, made possible by each $175 gift to the fund. As a token of the gift, each recipient is given a toy-sized yellow school bus!
Solve your gift giving-problems by calling the Friends Office (612.870.3045) to buy a bus for $175.  Remember, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day!