Welcome to the Friends of the Institute!

Mia is a tremendous gift to the Twin Cities community. The doors are wide open and admission is free. Mia is always beckoning. You can be more than a visitor, you can be actively engaged with Mia. You can become a Friend of the Institute.

Who are the Friends? 
We are an eclectic group of art enthusiasts. We have been around for 100 years and are celebrating our centennial in 2022.

What do the Friends do?
We host and attend lectures, classes, coffees, lunches, book clubs and art & architecture trips. We volunteer. We present an annual spring celebration, Art in Bloom. We support Mia. We meet the curators. We purchase art for Mia. We provide free school-bus transportation for thousands of students to come to Mia and take a tour. We support programs of learning and outreach targeted to the diverse Twin Cities community. 

Why should I join?
The Friends provides its members with unique opportunities to learn, volunteer, support Mia and enrich the entire community with the gift of art. Participate at any level, have fun and make friends along the way. Our monthly Newsletter keeps the members connected and informed on upcoming events.

How do I join?
It’s easy! Call 612-870-3000 or click here to join Membership starts at $50 per year.  Everyone is welcome!

Julie Holland
President, Friends of the Institute



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