A Message from Mia to the Friends of the Institute

New website, membership and ticketing systems will improve communications for and to Mia

Julianne Amendola, Chief Advancement Officer

Dear Friends,

First, it’s my privilege to thank you for your generous support of the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Your financial support as a Mia and Friends member, your time as a volunteer, and, most importantly, your passion for the collection and programs of the museum, is precious to us, and vital in enabling us to fulfill our mission and have an impact on our visitors and the community.

I also want to thank you for your ongoing patience. I know you have all been impacted by the work Mia has been doing to update the tools we use to manage ticketing, memberships, and our web site. This has been a museum-wide initiative, which has been underway for more than a year. Through this project we are creating and launching a series of new technical platforms that will improve the way in which we manage communications with our visitors and members, and enable us to move from older, outdated tools that do not meet our needs for the future. Led through a team representing all of our departments, Mia is devoting significant financial and staff resources to this initiative, and to incorporating a new approach to information management into our daily practice.

As with any such project, there have been challenges throughout the process of converting our systems, and we recognize that this has created problems in ordering tickets, renewing memberships, and ensuring that communications are sent to and received by our supporters, including Friends’ members. Again, I thank you for your understanding and apologize for mistakes and confusion that may have occurred during this time.

If you feel like you have not heard from the Friends in a while, or have had difficulty in renewing your Friends or museum membership, it’s likely due to these transitions. As we move toward the fall, I am pleased to share that we have completed a number of the most significant items, that our new ticketing system, Hive, is online and functional, and that we are returning to a more regular schedule with our renewals and communications.

As always, it’s important that we hear when there are issues. Even though we have made substantial progress, we continue to uncover items and individual member accounts that need updating. Please contact the Friends office, our Members’ Hotline, or me directly with your questions and to alert us to issues such as problems ordering tickets, incorrect contact or membership information, missed renewal dates, etc.

Thank you again for your support, your understanding, and your feedback. You are important to the Friends and to Mia, and we appreciate all that you do. We are indeed fortunate to have Friends like you!

Julianne Amendola

Chief Advancement Officer