Art in Bloom 2021

Art in Bloom 2022

Eugene Delacroix, French, 1798-1863, Still Life with Dahilias, Zinnias, Hollyhocks, and Plums (detail), c. 1835, oil on canvas, Gift of funds from the Friends of the Institute in celebration of their 100th anniversary, with generous support from Nivin MacMillan, Mary Agnes and Al McQuinn, Sheila C. Morgan, and Mary and Douglas Olson

The 2022 Art in Bloom (AIB) committee held its first meeting on October 6th where they unveiled their signature image, Still Life with Dahlias, Zinnias, Hollyhocks and Plums. Dated: c. 1835. Artist: Eugène DelacroixThis piece was selected to honor the gift the Friends made to the museum during Mia’s Centennial year.

Co-chairs, Kris Bjorklund and Sheila Folkestad, along with an exceptional committee are looking forward to bringing Art In Bloom back to a live and in-person experience at the museum this coming spring. It’s also the Friends Centennial birthday, so we have much to celebrate.

We look forward to seeing you all at Art in Bloom.

Art in Bloom Co-chairs,
Kris Bjorklund and Sheila Folkestad


A note from chairperson Barb Champ. Nothing virtual about these results! 

Donations are still trickling in, but we expect our total revenue for Art in Bloom 2021 to reach $80,000! And since it was a virtual event, our expenses were very low (Mia did not charge for any production costs) so our net is $75,500!

These are excellent results considering the event, including lectures and tours, was free to the community. The exception was the Bachman’s workshop, which required a fee for the floral tool kit—the proceeds of which Bachman’s generously donated back to us.

The Art in Bloom website had average daily website hits of 3000. For comparison, a similar Mia online event that ran for much longer had an average of 1200 daily hits. We did very well in comparison!

Also worth noting is that in some cases each hit represented more than a single person as we know lots of people gathered in one household to view the floral arrangements, participate in the floral workshops, take a tour or view our panel discussion and lecture.

Our docent tours were extremely well attended. Total tour attendance was 1639 for the five-day event.  That means 327 participated a day!! Thank you to our wonderful docents. Their thoughtful use of the Professional Floral Arrangements was perfect and compelling.  The momentum built as the word got out that these tours were not to be missed. Hope you were able to catch one!

Those of you who participated in the Holly Young, Graci Horne, and Jill Ahlberg Yohe panel discussion learned as much about native culture as native floral art.  Their presentation was captivating.  We had 135 individuals participate online.

Deborah Pierce’s talk on stolen floral art was amazing.  Who knew how large the market was for stolen artwork, and sad to know there are some recoveries yet to be made. Total attendance for Deborah’s was 277.

Bachman’s two floral workshops were sold out!  It was fun to see our participants put together such beautiful floral arrangements under the guidance of Bachman’s own Jen Bevan.  Jen’s enthusiasm is contagious.  We had 43 participants overall.

Some who gathered together in groups to view the events took the opportunity to enjoy our Signature Cocktail, Lady Sipper, sponsored by Norsemen.  While we don’t have total Lady Sipper sales yet, we know it was a hit as demonstrated below in this picture of some of our own Friends, who sipped a Sipper during one of the lectures.

Katie Searl, Kathy Rein, and Barb Edin enjoy a Norseman Lady Sipper during Art in Bloom 2021.

As we celebrate Virtual Art in Bloom we have many to thank for their generous support.  Our lead sponsor; Bachman’s, our major sponsors; Artful Living, Martha Head, Samuel, and Patricia McCullough.  Additional support was provided by Tangletown Gardens, Christine and Robert D. Salmen, Norseman Distillery, and Twin Cities Orthopedics.  Thanks to the dedication of our Patrons, Sponsors, Friends of the Institute, Mia staff, and our Steering Committee whose philanthropical nature and belief in the cause; to support, enhance, and sustain the collection, programs, and influence of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, generated funds to support these needs of Mia during this unprecedented time.

It is also important to acknowledge the small but mighty Art in Bloom Steering Committee that brought a virtual vision to life.  Thank you to Therese Blaine, Maria Reamer, Barbara Proeschel, Kari Jaksha, Barb Mikelson, Stephanie Wright, Katie Searl, Laurie Fontaine Junker, Maria Eggemeyer, Julie Holland, and Nancy McRae.

As we wrap up another Art in Bloom, in a time where this pandemic has oftentimes made us weary, we must remember the words of Lady Bird Johnson,  “where flowers bloom, so does hope.”

Congratulations everyone! Virtual Art in Bloom 2021 was a “ bloomin “ success.

Barb Champ

2021 Art in Bloom Chair

Barb Champ and Bachman’s Jennifer Bevan on WCCO TV

Floral Artists Inject Floral Beauty into second COVID Spring

A note from Therese Blaine about Art in Bloom Pedestal Floral Artists

Thousands of Mia guests were fortunate to experience Art in Bloom in a new way thanks to the continued dedication and creativity of the floral artists who paired their creations with 96 Mia artworks—some of which are rarely on view. We are grateful to every floral artist for creating truly inspired floral creations.

Visitors to the website found joy in viewing and discussing the floral arrangement/artwork pairings in real-time with family and friends in other cities, states, and countries! A true gift of virtual technology that keeps on giving because this year Art in Bloom will be archived on Mia’s website for an indefinite period, allowing future discussions among friends, and potential use in classrooms and long-term care facilities.

The new frontier of virtual technology also brought Art in Bloom guests fun videos including two time-lapse videos of floral artists creating their work. Many thanks to Amy Chapman and Karla Newman for the additional effort and hours of filming that went into creating the final product: minute-long video wonders! If you haven’t seen Amy and Karla at work, the videos are worth two minutes of your time.  Prepare to be amazed. Click here to view these as well as a wonderful History of Art in Bloom video charmingly narrated by Friend Theresa Luterbach, and four testimonials from florist Cana Potter, Mia guard Tim Petrowski, Friend Carolyn Dahl (daughter of Art in Bloom founder Phyllis Colwell), and local influencers the Minnevangelists.  These short videos remind us all of why we are Friends and why our financial support and service is not only a gift to Mia, but to the broader community.

Commercial Floral Artists—A non virtual Art in Bloom experience!

Even though Art in Bloom 2021 was virtual this year, the sight and smell of real flowers were still a part of this event through the efforts of 12 Commercial Florists. These businesses created beautiful installations at their storefronts ranging from interpretations of Floral Legacy to a bicycle vignette. One installation even included a salon chair with a floral hair drying hood!

A big shout out and a huge thank you to: Acanthus Floral Art, Joy De Fleur Floral Design, Lake Harriet Florist, Martha’s Gardens, Blommonster, Studio Louise Flowers, Ergo Floral, Arts & Flowers Design Studio, Gerten’s Greenhouses, Tangletown Gardens, Best Wishes Floral, and Bachman’s Floral.

One of our commercial florists summed up this year’s Art in Bloom experience by saying, “I think it was a creative way to let the commercial florists continue to be involved with the event, even though it was virtual. It provided a great opportunity for people to get “out” and do something unique while staying safe and not having the health and safety concerns of a large event.”

Top Ten Reasons to attend virtual Art in Bloom

Art in Bloom Chair Barb Champ channels David Letterman with her “top ten” list.

Barb Champ, Art in Bloom 2021 Chairperson

10. No social distancing or masking required

9. No need to search for parking

8. Jumping on the website in your pajama’s is cool

7. Seasonal allergies will not negatively impact your experience

6. Eating a meal or enjoying a cup of coffee or cocktail/mocktail while participating is completely acceptable

5. Creating a beautiful fresh floral arrangement at home without ever having to leave your house

4. Your visit to Art in Bloom will not be cut short to let your pet out

3. Partake in lectures and docent tours, all free of cost

2. View beautiful floral arrangements any time of the day or night

And (drumroll, please) the number one reason to attend virtual Art in Bloom? You can help keep this tradition alive and easily donate via the website from your personal device.  You can feel good that your gift will support and sustain Mia’s collections and programs during this year of extraordinary pandemic disruption.  Know that your contributions to the Friends are more welcome and gratefully accepted than ever this year.

2021 Virtual Art in Bloom 

Enjoy the spirit-boosting floral interpretations, speakers, and workshops you expect, in virtual form. 

Virtual Art in Bloom

April 28–May 2, 2021

The beautiful blooms, creativity, camaraderie, and more move online this year!

Join us for our perennial spring fundraiser presented by the Friends of the Institute at Mia. Now in its 38th year, this beloved event offers the same caliber of day-brightening floral interpretations, speakers, and workshops you expect, only this year all the fun will be found online at


Wednesday, April 28

View photos of nearly 100 floral interpretations of Mia artworks 

View Art in Bloom signature DIY cocktail/mocktail recipe, crafted by Norseman Distillery

Daily docent-led Zoom tours (must pre-register)* 

Thursday, April 29

View photos of floral interpretations of Mia artworks 

Daily docent-led Zoom tours (must pre-register)*

10AM – 6PM Commercial Floral Artist displays open for viewing at select Twin Cities locations

11AM Bachman’s floral ZOOM workshop with delivered-to-home kits ($75, must pre-register)*

7PM  Panel featuring Holly Young, creator of Floral Legacy,  artist Graci Horne, and Jill Ahlberg Yohe, Mia’s associate curator of Native American art (must pre-register)*

Friday, April 30

View photos of floral interpretations of Mia artworks 

Daily docent-led Zoom tours (must pre-register)*

9AM – 6PM Commercial Floral Artist displays open for viewing at select Twin Cities locations

11AM Bachman’s floral ZOOM workshop with delivered-to-home kits ($75, must pre-register)*

7PM Lecture by retired FBI agent Deborah Pierce on floral art heists (must pre-register)*

Saturday, May 1

View photos of floral interpretations of Mia artworks 

Daily docent-led Zoom tours (family-friendly, must pre-register)*

9AM – 5PM Commercial Floral Artist displays open for viewing at select Twin Cities locations

Sunday, May 2

View photos of floral interpretations of Mia artworks 

Daily docent-led Zoom tours (family-friendly, must pre-register)*

*Registration for all events will open here starting April 5.


Pedestal Floral Artists lean into digital Art in Bloom

Mia curators offer an unprecedented number of artworks to PFAs 

Art In Bloom floral artists at work

Pedestal floral artists (PFAs) are the heart of Art in Bloom. They enthusiastically plan and execute floral interpretations of Mia artworks and engage with Art in Bloom visitors. 

This year is no exception, and all the more remarkable, because nearly 100 PFAs will be creating floral arrangements that can only be viewed online, starting April 28. 

PFAs feel honored to create floral arrangements that are admired in situ next to beloved artworks. In a typical year, the weight of this privilege coincides with apprehension that their floral work is a worthy complement to the artwork interpreted. For virtual Art in Bloom, PFAs have the added challenge of designing a floral arrangement that translates well to a two-dimensional photograph. This is no small feat. 

Many thanks are due to the generous PFAs who continue to contribute their artistry and time to make Art in Bloom special every year.

This year, Mia curators offered an unprecedented number of artworks for PFAs to select from. No fresh flowers in the museum means no water, no pollen, and fewer rules, allowing the curators to make textiles, photographs, and works on paper available for interpretation. As a result, half of the works selected by PFAs this year are “not on view” in the galleries. Our Art in Bloom 2021 PFAs, by pairing florals with rarely seen works, will expose visitors to a new perspective on Mia’s encyclopedic collection. 

The enduring support of Commercial Floral Artists (CFA)

CFA’s offer a special treat for Art in Bloom 2021!

Have you ever wondered about the commercial florists at Art In Bloom—the ones who create the large, awe-inspiring floral installations in the main spaces at Mia? They are professional, retail florists from our community who volunteer their time and talent to enhance the beautiful art at Mia and heighten the Art in Bloom experience for visitors. 

The tradition of having big floral displays at the entrances and hallways of Mia started back with the very first Art in Bloom in 1984. There were nine commercial florists that participated that year and this wonderful tradition has lived on to this day. 

We are thrilled to continue to involve our Commercial Floral Artists during this unprecedented year when we cannot have floral displays at the museum. Twelve local florists have agreed to safely display their beautiful installations at their place of business.  These floral displays will be a gift to Mia and to the community and allow us to enjoy flowers and plants in person.

We hope you will visit and enjoy each commercial florist’s creativity and generosity. While you are admiring the flowers, take a photo or a selfie and tag it #ArtInBloom and share it with your friends and family!

Public viewing hours: 

Thursday, April 29  10AM- 6PM
Friday, April 30   9AM- 6PM
Saturday, May 1   9AM – 5PM

Art In Bloom 2021 Commercial Florists:

Gerten’s Greenhouses & Garden Center
5500 Blaine Avenue East
Inver Grove Heights, MN  55076

Acanthus Floral Art
3932 Cedar Avenue
Minneapolis, MN  55407

Joy De Fleur Floral Design Studio
32 Dunlap Street S.
Saint Paul, MN 55105

Lake Harriet Florist
5011 Penn Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN  55419

Martha’s Gardens
1593 Selby Avenue
Saint Paul, MN  55104

575 SE 9th Street Unit 91
Minneapolis, MN  55414

Studio Louise Flowers
310 Main Street South
Stillwater, MN 55082

Ergo Floral
516 Selby Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Arts and Flowers Design Studio
6011 Excelsior Boulevard
Minneapolis, MN  55416

Best Wishes Floral
689 Winnetka Avenue North
Golden Valley, MN  55427

Tangletown Gardens
5353 Nicollet Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Bachman’s Floral, Gift & Garden
6010 Lyndale Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN  55419


Zoom Floral Design Workshop 

Design your own floral masterpiece with help from a Bachman’s design expert via ZOOM or give the gift of a workshop!

Two workshop dates. Limit 25 participants each. 

$75 per person

Thursday, April 29, 11AM


Friday, April 30, 11AM

Click here to reserve tickets.

Take a virtual stroll through the 2021 Art in Bloom pedestal artists gallery — and then become part of the experience yourself! Design your own floral masterpiece with help from a Bachman’s design expert via Zoom. Try something new and learn design techniques to craft bountiful blooms and glossy greenery into a lovely vase arrangement.

Workshop registration will be open through noon on Monday, April 26, unless the workshops sell out prior.

Ticket and Delivery Information:

  • Ticket covers all flower and foliage materials, as well as a vase.
  • Workshop kit will be delivered, by Bachman’s, to the address you choose, provided it is within Bachman’s delivery area. For more information about the delivery area, please visit
  • Flowers and materials will be selected and delivered on Wednesday, April 28th for the Thursday, April 29th workshop or on Thursday, April 29th for the Friday, April 30th workshop.
  • Workshop participants will receive an email with log-in credentials to take part in the ZOOM workshop.
  • One person per ticket. No tickets will be mailed. Workshops are designed for adults and children ages 13 or older.
  • Picture shown is for illustration only and subject to change due to product availability.
  • All proceeds from the workshops are donated to Friends of the Institute.

Art in Bloom Keynote Panel 

April 29, 2021 7:00 pm



Ticket Price: Free

Join us for a dynamic discussion with artists Holly Young and Graci Horne and Mia curator Jill Ahlberg Yohe

Holly Young, United States, óta), born 1977 Floral Legacy, 2019, Quills, beads, tin cones, brass sequins, thimbles, satin, calico, fabric, brass bells, feathers, elk hide Gift of funds from Maria Eggemeyer, Maria Wagner Reamer, and Therese M. Blaine in recognition of the Friends of the Institute, 2019.65, © Holly Young
Holly Young

Join us in welcoming Holly Young, the artist behind this year’s signature piece, “Floral Legacy,” for a panel discussion with fellow artist and curator Graci Horne and Mia’s own Jill Ahlberg Yohe, Mia’s Associate Curator of Native American Art. 

The artists will discuss the significance of Dakota floral art historically and in their own practice. Young is an artist committed to preserving and sharing traditional Dakota floral styles and designs. 

Through her art, she practices Winyan Omniciye, the circle of sharing knowledge – What you learn, you give back. Horne, whose bands are the Sisseton

Wahpeton Dakota people and Hunkpapa Lakota and Dakota

Graci Horne

people, is a multi-disciplinary artist specializing in painting, printmaking, puppet making, photography, film, and poetry.

This is a wonderful opportunity to expand our knowledge about the honored traditions of Dakota floral art, as well as get an inside

Jill Ahlberg Yohe

look at how Jill Ahlberg Yohe curates Native American Art at Mia and how she discovered Floral Legacy. 

Click here to register.  

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