Friends Make School Field Trips Possible

The Friends Transportation Fund helped bring more than 7000 students to Mia in 2017-18 to experience art.

For many years, the Friends Transportation Fund has provided busing grants so that schools can bring their students to see Mia’s world class collection. A special endowment fund makes this possible. In addition to the endowment, there is the Buy-A-Bus program that adds to the fund. Friends and friends of friends (so anyone!) can Buy-a-Bus for $175 or Buy-a-Wheel for $50.

During the most recent academic year, the Friends Transportation Fund brought 105 buses to Mia. That means more than 7000 students were able to access to the museum as a field trip! The opportunity for students to experience a world outside of the classroom is one of the many things the Friends provide to the Twin Cities community.

So this year, as students head back to school, think of the Buy-A-Bus program! Honor a friend, celebrate family or remember a dear colleague by buying part or all of a bus! For more information, contact the Friends office at 612.870.3045.