January Lecture

January 14, 2021 11:00 am



Ticket Price: Free

“Beyond Dürer: Becoming a Museum Director” is our first lecture of 2021

Dr. Katherine (Katie) Luber became the new director of Mia just one year ago in January. Luber, who goes by “Katie”, will share her journey to becoming a museum director. It began at Bryn Mawr with her Ph.D. dissertation on Albrecht Dürer’s paintings, and continued with a wide range of experiences, including work at the  Philadelphia Museum of Art and teaching at the University of Texas Austin, followed by an M.B.A. at Johns Hopkins University. Along the way, she founded and managed The Seasoned Palette, a successful start-up company that she ultimately sold before becoming the director of the San Antonio Museum in Texas. 

Katie’s determination and creative thinking allowed the San Antonio Museum of Art to substantially increase its membership and community reach, while also expanding its collection and breadth of exhibitions. That experience will be valuable as Mia continues to grow as an art museum in which everyone can learn about diverse cultures as well as see and engage with their own history. A fun fact about Katie’s own history is that although she is a 5th generation Texan on her father’s side, her great, great grandmother on her mother’s side emigrated from Norway and ended up in Minnesota. 

Katie has noted, “Throughout my career, I have demonstrated the importance and power of art to impact people and communities.” Her first year has been a baptism by fire with the pandemic and all the urban unrest in the community. She has spent the past year discovering the colorful mosaic of the Twin Cities communities. Katie finds it sad that the country is so divided and that there aren’t many places where we can have conversations. She sees the museum as one of those places to address those much-needed topics. 

David Wilson, President of Mia’s board described Katie as having “an authentic, passionate vision for how art can engage, educate, and delight us all.” Please join us as we kick off a fresh new year! “Zoom in” on January 14th to learn more about Albrecht Dürer, Katie Luber’s journey, and her vision for Mia.

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