Meet A Friend: Carolyn Dahl 

This month, we get to know this legacy Friend’s member better

Carolyn Dahl and namesake granddaughter Kit Carolyn Dynan

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve lived in the Twin Cities my entire life except for time spent away at college. I left my position at our family business years ago and my husband retired from his financial services job this year.  So we’re officially retired! We have two grown daughters and are the lucky grandparents of four adorable grandchildren who all live locally. We have many fun family weekends at our cabin in Wisconsin. 

How long have you been a Friend?  

I became a member in the early ‘80s when my mother was the Friends President (Phyllis Colwell 1983-1985). I was working full-time, so I volunteered every other Saturday at what was then called the Arts Resource and Information Center. This was, of course, before Google, and we had to have extensive paper files to answer all kinds of questions from visitors—everything from “I am traveling to Venice Italy next month, which museums should I visit?”  to college students asking for information for an art history paper. 

I took a break after I got married and had kids and in 2004 Linda Goldenberg (Friends President 2003-2005) asked me to return to become the assistant Treasurer for Art In Bloom. I reinstated my Friends membership and have been involved ever since including a stint as President from 2011-2013. 

What’s the most memorable Friends Lecture or event you’ve attended?   

Probably my first lecture as Friends President in 2011. It was the Keno Brothers from Antiques Roadshow. Leigh and Leslie Keno were real gentlemen but a bit of a handful. They took so long walking from the front entrance to the Pillsbury Auditorium (looking at art and chatting with museum visitors) that I joked I was going to have to put blinders on them to get them to the podium on time! Then just as I was heading to the podium, I realized that one of the brothers was missing. I sent a male guard into the men’s restroom to look for him but we could not find him. Eventually, he returned to the auditorium and the lecture was a huge success—very interesting and very entertaining. 

How about a favorite artwork?  

My favorite sculpture is the Veiled Lady by Raffaelo Monti. I think that it is absolutely beautiful and incredible that the soft fabric veil is carved stone. I also feel an affinity for this type of sculpture because my mother was a stone carver in her earlier life. 

Finish the sentence: I love being a Friend because__________ .  

Of the friends that I have made.  The Friends have wonderful members who work hard for Mia. 

What do you wish everyone knew about Mia? 

I wish that everyone knew that Mia is for everyone. I do not have a background in art, but I always enjoy myself when walking through the museum finding new and interesting things. 

How are you adjusting to our current circumstances?  

I’m adjusting relatively well, but am really looking forward to the end of the pandemic. I’ve always loved to read, complete jigsaw puzzles, and watch Netflix, but I have had enough. Luckily, I  play mahjong with two different groups, and luckily we’re still able to play together online, which has been a lifesaver for me. It is social and entertaining.