Remembering an enthusiastic Friend

Joan T. Smith, October 8, 1923 – September 1, 2019

Our friend Joan T. Smith has given us another reason to be grateful. You may remember a mention of her several months ago, not long after she passed. At that time, we received a bequest, which was applied to the Delacroix Fund.  We have recently received another generous donation, this time from the Joan T. Smith Trust, which will also go to the Delacroix Fund.

Joan was a friend of mine, and I can see her so clearly, wearing one of her beautiful St. John knit ensembles, perfectly coiffed and made-up as always, following along on one of my tours, beaming with pleasure because she loved the museum and the art it contained so much and was always excited to learn more about it.

Hers was the spirit of a true philanthropist, and many local nonprofits benefitted from her beneficence during her lifetime and continue to do so.  However, I do have one regret about her philanthropy, and that is that she did not tell us about these gifts while she was still alive. 

I would have been so very pleased to share with her all of our paintings by Delacroix, focusing on the Friends gift to the museum, Still Life with Dahlias, Zinnias, Hollyhocks, and Plums, which brilliantly illustrates the artist’s theories of color—theories which influenced painters not only of his generation but generations to follow. 

Joan was all about building strong foundations, and she would have been delighted about adding this important work of art to Mia’s permanent collection.

– Carol Stoddart